Introduction of the room

our rooms

Safe for small children,

Older people can relax

A Japanese-style room with flat tatami mats.

The room also has a key.

You can stay with peace of mind.

our rooms

Safe for small children,
Older people can relax
A Japanese-style room with flat tatami mats.
The room also has a key.
You can stay with peace of mind.

Rainbow Room

Rainbow Room

Price: From 3,000 yen / per person

Room size: 14 tatami mats (6 tatami mats + 8 tatami mats)
This room is ideal for small group and quite big family.
It is a very large room connected two tatami rooms with no steps
If you put on Japanese-style partitions, Fusuma, you will feel like there are two rooms in one room.
If you take them out, it will be one large room with two rooms connected.



Green Room

Green Room

Price: From 3,000 yen / per person

Room size: 7 tatami mats
This room is ideal for single, couples and small family.
This room is tatami with no steps.


Private Booking Plan

One inn cafe rental plan

Weekdays: 25,000 yen
Saturday and the day before the holiday: 45,000 yen

It will be a private private private space only for customers♪
It is the perfect plan for families with several small children, group trips of students, etc.
There is also a cafe lounge on the first floor, so you can bring your own meals for dinner and parties.
There is also a refrigerator and microwave for guests only.

■The price of the number of people who can be chartered

○Weekdays 5 people or more (elementary school students and older) 25,000 yen
(More than 6 people per person: 2,000 yen added)

○8 people or more (elementary school students and older) on the day before Saturday and national holidays: 45,000 yen
(More than 9 people per person: 2,500 yen added)

■The people who are perfect for this plan
○ guests with small children and many babies
○ one preschool child (0-5 years old) can sleep with one adult in a futon bed. In that case, no futon or breakfast.
If there are more member of preschooler who can sleep together than the number of adults, please put it in the number of adults because we will prepare futon beds for them.
○ Music, animate fans, etc, who have live performances at Osaka Castle Hall, Kyocera Dome, and other concert halls in Osaka.
○ For a year-end party and a Christmas party with the children of mom friends who live in the neighborhood
○ For one day stay style study sessions or seminar camp
○ For a petit Alumni Association
Because it also serves as a night, you can enjoy it slowly without worrying about time.
○ to the Petit year-end party
○ To the student group
When it comes to groups, it might be make a bigger of noise, and it causes trouble for other rooms. If you rent a whole house, you can use it without that concern. However, we would ask our all the guests to refrain from making noises during midnight.





※Shower and toilet facilities are shared.

※The common space is available until 24:00.

※There is no curfew after check-in, but please do not disturb the guests in the same room and neighbors if you go out or enter the room at midnight.


※The guest house has check-in time from 16:00 to 23:00 and check-out time until 11:00.

※Luggage can be stored before and after check-in/check-out.

(If you come before 9 am, please contact us in advance.)

Free service


Rental towels
(Bath towel & face towel)




Lotion and milky lotion





Paid service

Sleeping clothes: 300 yen

Kitchen fee: 500 yen

Beer sales from 350 yen

Washing machine (with detergent and softener) 200 yen

Change of sheets: 500 yen (except for those who stay 5 nights or more)


Cafe Lounge (bringing your own, eating and drinking) 19:00-24:00

TV (in the Cafe Lounge) 19:00-24:00




Free Drink Corner

Electric kettle

Water server

Toys for children


Games to play with everyone (UNO, Othello, Shogi, etc.)

Iron lending


Sandals for earthen flooring and outings in the neighborhood